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Our centrally located family-oriented cottages make visiting Nova Scotia affordable for all.


Located in the heart of Nova Scotia our cottages are perfectly located to explore all that Nova Scotia has to offer.

Our Cottages

Our lovely seaside cottages include everything you need for a comfortable stay.

A Little About Parrsboro, Nova Scotia— on The Bay of Fundy

Dear Guest,


Two Island Cottages is situated close to the Town of Parrsboro in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. It is located in the newly designated The Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark.


Parrsboro is located on the Northern Shore of the Minas Basin, and from its harbour you can view the world’s highest tides in The Bay of Fundy. In fact, a recent National Geographic article stated that Parrsboro is one of the best spots to do so!


As one of the oldest settled areas of Canada, Parrsboro is known, not only for its tide watching and general beauty, but also for many cultural events and festivals that can make your visit a richer experience. For example, Parrsboro is home to the Ship's Company Theatre, a highly acclaimed and innovative professional company performing Canadian plays with an emphasis on new works from Atlantic Canadian playwrights.


And, if you need an indoor family activity, Parrsboro is also home to the The Fundy Geological Museum where you can learn about Nova Scotia’s rich geological past. At the museum you will discover rocks, fossils, and minerals of the Bay of Fundy and learn the story of drifting continents, changing climates, coal-age forests and the dawn of the dinosaurs. There are more "things to do" listed on our location page.


There are also lots of places to hike, bike, and visit too. So, whether you just want to relax and watch the tides, grab a bite at one of our local seafood restaurants, or fill your vacation with lots of entertaining, healthy, and educational pursuits, Two Island Cottages gives you a great home base, all at an affordable cost for you and your family.


We look forward to having you visit!


Your hosts,


Mark & Sherry


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Two Island Cottages and Parrsboro are in the heart of the newly designated The Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark.

Cape D'Or Lighthouse, about an hour's drive from Two Island Cottages, is located within the boundaries of the park as is The Five Island's Lighthouse (below).


Get more information about The Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark here including all of the sights and activities it has to offer.


For information about Nova Scotia tourism and Covid-19, click here.

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